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Our company has been providing professional HVAC service in San Fernando Valley, California, for a long time and has become one of the most reliable service providers all around. We have always been dedicated to providing top quality services along with the best possible customer care. Our technicians are backed with years of experience in the business. We take pride in our team! From receptionists to technicians, all members know how to arrange any HVAC service and deliver an optimal solution for your particular case. No matter how complicated the task might seem to be, your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

The Milpitas Miracle for Heating and AC Repair Service

Broken air conditioners are a real drag. Whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, you depend on your AC to keep things cool. When your air conditioner breaks down, you need expert help fast.


You can count on San Fernando Valley HVAC for efficient heating and AC repair service any time of year!


Our expert technicians will walk you through an extensive range of fine brands and models and the repairs they need. We’ll let you decide which make and model is best for your needs!


The Milpitas Miracle Level of Service 


At San Fernando Valley HVAC, we pride ourselves on our high standards of excellence. You can rely on us to deliver heating and AC repair service that gives you the freedom to enjoy your home again! We provide:


High-Quality Repairs. Our technicians will quickly and efficiently repair your air conditioner so you can get back to cool living.

Fast Service. We know how important it is for you to have cooled in the summer and heating in the winter. That’s why we dispatch a team of fully trained and insured technicians as soon as we receive your call!


Flexible Scheduling. We offer a range of convenient appointment times to make sure we fit in with your busy schedule!


Comfortable and Fast Service. If you need air conditioner repair service in Milpitas, our technicians will drop by at the most convenient time for you, and they’ll do their utmost to keep the disruption to your home to a minimum.


Whether it’s a single broken part or a maintenance check, our experts will work quickly to get your air conditioner back in perfect working order!


We’re here to help you out! Call us today!

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With long-standing experience in the HVAC repair and installation business, our highly trained and competent technicians are dedicated to the job they do. We offer friendly priced services and have thousands of satisfied clients. San Fernando Valley HVAC is the right company for you – a company that is able to thoroughly satisfy your needs and embrace you with exceptional customer care!

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We just purchased a home and found out that our 1970’s-era furnace needed to be replaced. Andre and his team did an excellent job with the installation and even brought in a carpenter to fix the door when he saw that the new unit wouldn’t fit in the closet correctly. He was very responsive and came back first thing the next morning when we let him know that the heater wasn’t functioning properly. Andre cares about his clients and I appreciate that he wants to make sure that the job is done right. Highly recommend!