While San Fernando Valley HVAC offers complete Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services, there are times when we become overbooked. Below you will find a list of companies that provide hvac services in the greater Los Angeles area. We don’t endorse any of these companies- they are provided here strictly as assistant to the homeowner who is looking for a company to help with a heating and air conditioning issue. Sometimes an unaddressed issue could become a health hazard.

Los Angeles Heating & Air Conditioning

When you live in Los Angeles, air conditioning is often a critical matter. While it is known for its consistent and pleasant weather for most of the year, Los Angeles is still in a desert. And for most residents living inland from the coast, their air conditioner is going to get frequent usage. A prudent homeowner is going to inspect their heating and air conditioning systems regularly, and of course, repair or replace their units as needed.

Air Conditiong Maintenance
Even when an air conditioner seems to be running fine, and it has been for several years, getting an routine inspection of the system is still a sound idea. In fact, an annual check-up for residential heating and cooling systems could mean the difference between keeping your house efficiently and sufficiently cooled, and really feeling the heat once a seemingly insignificant problem becomes a montstrous one. A certified Los Angeles air conditioning specialist will be able to diagnose potential, low-cost issues now that could very well lead to high-priced repairs in the future.

A handy homeowner can perform minor maintenance themselves that will both keep their air conditioner running at its best, and often at minor expense. Things to look out for include visually inspecting the condenser, which is the part of the system that is on the outside of the home, and replacing the air filter. Be sure to remove debris from around the condenser as it can increase the unit’s efficiency as well as offer evidence of a potential larger problem.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Costs
When it comes to installing central air conditioning, Los Angeles prices are much higher than the national average of about $6,000. We have seen estimates for this service as high as $14,000, while the lowest was approximately $3,000. This huge disparity suggests that central air conditioning units may be installed in L.A. for a fair price, while many jobs in the area are performed on large, palacial structures not seen in most of the U.S. We have seen prices for Los Angeles air conditioning repairs range from as little as $50 all the way to a little more than $1,000!

Several notable brand manufacturers offers fine heating and air conditioning (HVAC) units. The homeowner will have abundant choices and should be able to find a unit to fit his budgetary and architectural needs. We recommend:

American Standard

A.C.M.D Air
A1 Col-tech
A1R Kare
Accurate Air
Accurate Zone Heating
AF Services
Air Code Air
Air Go Green
Air-Tech Air
American Air Conditioning
AZ Air
Brody Heating
Brody Pennell Heating
California AC
Call 2 Fix
Candid Heating
Coolin Air
Cubic Air
D S Heating
Eco Green
Elite Air
Extreme Cooling
First Choice Air
Franco Heating
Gama Central Heating
GC Heating
Grand Heating
Green Tech AC
Home Comfort Heating
Indoor Air
Jamison Heating
Joel L Coleman Heating
JR Air
JW Heating
Kaldess AC
Komfort Kuest Air
Koolman Air
Los Angeles Heating
Luigi Heating
Manny’s Heating
Mario’s Air
MG Heating
Michael Howard Heating
Mor Air
N.R.G. Heating
Nexgen Air
Pacific Heating
Payless Heating
Premium Air
Pure Environmental Solutions
Relaxed Heating
Reliance Heating
Right Choice Heating
Santa Clarita Climate
Searls AC
Seasonal Control Heating
Southland AC
Southland Heating
Southwest Heating
Super Cool Air
Tomor Solomon
West Hills Electric
XPress Kooling
Xtreme Air